Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Half Marathon runners old & young. Pulse cover in The New York Post May 19, 2012

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Susan Siderman is in her 70's and ran the UAE Healthy Kidney 10k run on May 12th and finished it. The same morning I shot the beautiful light shot in an earlier post. Lauren Mantel was training for the half marathon in Brooklyn and also successfully finished that race. I recreated the lighting from May 12th with Lauren so she was back lit with a long shadow coming out in front of her and then used fill light from the sun to light her face. It's hard to see most of that in the shot because the image was silhouetted but you get a sense of it from the modeling on her calves and the hair light.
See more from the gallery, which turned into a bit of a modeling shoot here.
Read the article in the Post here

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