Thursday, June 28, 2012

Roger Waters of Pink Floyd at SiriusXM Town Hall June 27, 2012

What a penultimate thrill to meet Roger Waters, one of my idols and get to work with him. His interview during the SiriusXM Town Hall with Jim Ladd was fascinating. Various moments of the dialogue would immediately conjure songs that I've known and listened to for most of my life. Like the moment when he said 'charade' in that special way he pronounces it and 'Ha ha! Charade you aarree!' 
from Pigs popped into my head. He used the word 'lunatic' a number of times as well which of course triggers memories of some of the greatest Pink Floyd / rock songs ever written. In case the lyrics to his songs ever left you wondering if all of what's his written is for real, try and listen to one of his interviews one day. He is fascinating. On top of everything else I realized that I own the same ring he is wearing.

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